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Metal Hand Pump System

The Metal Hand Pump is a heavy-duty, metal vacuum pump that's built to last. Brought to you by Dr. Joel Kaplan’s pumps, it has been preferred by serious users like you since its introduction in 2010! The quick increase in length & girth can help turn any guy into an instant erection machine—no matter where he may be or what his situation entails (i e Traveling abroad). Get your hands on one today before they're gone forever!!

With Dr. Joel Kaplan's enlargement systems including his #1 recommended penis pumps system by doctors & sexual wellness experts for erection health as well as size gains; The Medical Grade Acrylic Cylinders are specially sized so that you can maximize blood flow while getting harder instantly after pumping persistently.

What's included:
  • Metal Hand Pump and Pressure Gauge
  • First Expansion Cylinder
  • Leather Strap
  • Instruction Book
  • 1 Year Warranty